Brownsville Veneers and Implants

After Oral Surgery

  1. Before your dismissal from our office, gauze is placed on extraction site and bleeding is controlled.  Some additional "oozing” from the extraction site may occur for several hours. 


  1. Additional gauze is provided for home use.   Place tight pad of gauze firmly over the extracted area and hold in place with bite pressure for twenty to thirty minutes.  Repeat if necessary until gauze is no longer soaked with blood. Avoid using gauze when asleep.


  1. Do not actively rinse for at least twenty-four hours. (Passive spitting only)


  1. Keep fingers and tongue away from the socket of surgery area.


  1. A soft diet is recommended for 24 hours, and thereafter resumes a normal diet as you deem appropriate.



  1. Discomfort in surrounding site and related tissue is to be expected.  If excessive bleeding, swelling or pain is experienced, please call our office.


  1. No smoking during healing of site.